All About Leggings

Leggings continue to develop into edgy, popular varieties. Lady Gaga wore her shredded leggings every chance she could, whether performing onstage or greeting fans at the airport. Beyoncé was wearing a studded pair from her label, House of Deréon, and was accused of ripping them off from an Icelandic company. Lindsay Lohan was very obsessed with leggings, she introduced a collection of them called 6126 , modeling a variety of styles herself. The '80s saw leggings hit mainstream fashion hard, to some extent because the decade's fitness trend caused it to be suitable for workout clothes to turn into everyday wear. Madonna also took part in the leggings trend, wearing a black, lace capri style beneath a miniskirt during her Like a Virgin tour. Inside the '90s, TV style icons, like Saved by the Bell’ s Kelly Kapowski and Clarissa of Clarissa Explains It All , regularly wore colorful leggings under their peplum dresses, patchwork vests, and crop tops.

Because leggings can be a body-hugging garment, there isn’t any room for being shy. Leggings force the wearer to become their unique body-positivity champion, regardless of their size or shape, embracing their curves or lack thereof. If your built-in confidence that is included with wearing leggings is part of what rattles the haters so much (you may still find a lot of those “Leggings are NOT pants!” essays being written ), then that is definitely sad. But they’ll need to get over it. Much to their dismay, leggings are as big now as it ever was. The only real question is: What form are they going to take on next? Though leggings never aroused the interest of men very much, leather leggings were transforming into a growing trend. Even Martha Stewart couldn’t resist their calling. This type of style would turn into a trend of its own, showing up repeatedly throughout the years. Just like it did in the '80s, the fitness fashion trend — recognized by us now as athleisure — helps leggings come back again, maybe even catapulting them into a new level of popularity. Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna, a longtime leggings fan, frequently sport them with crop tops, bombers, or motorcycle jackets.

Then, they took a break. Suddenly, it felt like the tight-fitting garment was seen much less. Leggings would develop into a rare sight until they became less of a must-have and more of a controversial item of clothing.

By 2008, they took on the more subversive, futuristic-looking form — one-half Matrix, one-half sex shop. "Liquid" leggings were everywhere you looked, claiming fans for example Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, and Victoria Beckham. Hipster party girls wearing those American Apparel disco leggings were frequently documented by nightlife photographer The Cobrasnake. Amber Rose, then newly dating Kanye West, was photographed in a glossy, red offering herself.

How has this specific little bit of clothing not only survived, but possessed a massive rise in popularity over the last decade? The initial reason is easy: their versatility. It's very easy to outfit them up or down, and they’re comfortable as hell.

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