Are You Into Goth, Punk Geek or Emo?

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Well, punk and goth have pictures that are different. But they are introspective and supposedly moody and intense. A bit depressive. Punks are open and friendly and enthusiastic and enjoy a fantastic time. When I first started going to punk gigs what I liked about it was no attitude.
Both maybe goths more than punks feel marginalized and that gives them a feeling of solidarity, not only with others that they recognize like them, but with additional outsider groups. Goths are usually regarded as fairly introspective and thoughtful, in addition to quite gloomy. Punks, on the other hand, are inclined to be opinionated and more outspoken. Punk is more political than goth, though both subcultures put a massive emphasis on individuality and acceptance. The issue with this question is that it plays stereotypes and looks. What's a Goth? Moody hence the term Emo. What's the Punk? Rebellious.

Punks and goths are a people who have a wide selection of personalities. It is their interest of the culture, clothing, music and/or art or their curiosity that brings them together. Ask any ten if they are Punk/Goth and you will receive different answers.

Goth - often have a very dry, sarcastic sense off comedy that outsiders can overlook. When in groups they enjoy surreal and the absurd. Politically are inclusive and tend towards the left wing. Women are treated as equals and racism is not tolerated. Transgender and homosexual men and women are prevalent than in society and accepted. Peaceful and violent, more than fighting into dancing.
Punk - much the same as previously, and in fact they tend to intermingle quite a lot. If anything could be vocal and tend toward politics. 
Which One Are You? Answer these 7 Questions

1. What is your favorite pass time?
A. Whatever I feel like doing.
B. Listening to Heavy Metal Rock!
C. Surfing the web, playing with knives
D. Praising Hell and worshiping Satan.
E. Protecting my computer from viruses.

2. What's your favourite genre of music?
A. Emotional and those that actually makes you think about life.
B. Heavy Metal Rock!
C. Dark and mysterious.
D. Whatever appeals to me.
E. Rock out to the classics

3. In the event you went to kill yourself how would you do it?
A. A car crash.
B. Cut my wrists and sit in bathtub filled with hot water and allow the blood flow out.
C. I don't have any motive to kill myself!
D. I'd electrocute myself with my computer cable.
E. I'm already in hell why should I go again?

4. Life is different for many people, how can you describe life?
A. My straight A's perfect attendance, my windows/mac pc, and a bowl of popcorn.
B. People just get in my way! I want to hit them!
C. You just don't know me, I can't be around the knives anymore I have nothing to live for.
D. Life is a dark portal leading into an unknown realm where pain and fire exists around every corner and I am the chief of all death!
E. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna Find

5. What's your get up?
A. Suspenders and plaid T-shirts using the latest high tech glasses.
B. Black skirt with a black shirt with thick black lipstick, and black and purple eye shadow.
C. Chains, leather coats, spikes, and spiked hair oh yeah!
D. I figure whatever is clean, I do not really care much.
E. Skin tight black trousers, skin tight tops, a great deal of eye liner and my hair covers my eyes.

6. What clique are you in?
A. Punk
B. Emo
C. My Regular group of pals.
D. People who hang in the darkened corners of the broken down schools.
E. The Chess Club!

7. What do you think you are?
A. Punk!
B. Emo!
C. I am goth!
D. I do not care what I'm!
E. My A's speak for themselves.

Basically, if you have the opportunity be considerate and both are amazing, do not judge and you will have the night of your life!

Members of both subcultures will be more open minded than your average person.

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