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Now may feel a strange time to discuss an item most commonly paired with a bikini in the height of summer, the body chain with temperatures dropping every day. But with holiday-party season around the corner, and of course winter holidays to tropical climes, it may be the thing on your accessory arsenal. Taking this look past the beach allows for even more space to experiment. Harness-like, body chains that are multi-strand might be over the top when worn with your bikini, but done right, will add just the perfect touch of drama to any evening look.

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Body chains are an edgy approach. From delicate chains to statement pieces, this is the accessory to try out this season to spruce up a little cocktail dress. Be sure that the silhouette complements the style of your body string and the key is to pay attention. In other words, when it comes to body chains, while we often let our accessories are dictated by our clothes that the opposite should be true. Pick something easy underneath, like the slip dresses worn with fragile body chains will allow your jewelry take centre stage. Whether you choose a show-stopping multi-strand version or a intricate design, body chains instantly any look's variable up: this winter an approach to party dressing.

If you haven't already, now is the time. Why? Because body chains may be worn in various ways, and look fabulous in every time. Additionally, Beyonce has been rocking body chains for the longest time and manages to appear flawless. Don't worry over how to wear body chains, as I am going to tell you five different ways that you can rock this hot summer accessory.

1. Swimsuits.

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Yes, body chains go perfectly with swimsuits. It can't hurt to add a little sparkle, even if you are heading to the shore.

2. V-neck tops.

Although a statement necklace goes with everything, but change things up a bit and accessorize your V-neck top.

3. Backless tops and dresses.

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Feeling a dress of yours. That can be totally fixed by A body string, just be sure to opt for one that is long with layering and detail.

4. Basic tees.

Who said your casuals must be boring? Even a white top can become a funky one with a body chain.

5. Crop tops.

It doesn't look like the crop trend is going anywhere, so it is going to look amazing, why not add your own touch with body chains to it.

How you accessorize will make or break your ensemble! So go ahead accessories with sexy body chains!!!

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