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Quite simply, a Goth is somebody who finds beauty in things others believe dark. They love all that is mysterious and dark. That does not mean Goths are bad, but it just means they have a different view to many. And it also does not mean Goths are unkind, violent or lacking in humor, in fact quite the reverse is true. Goths like to laugh but their humor is more of this black comedy sort. Goths are often smart, artistic and romantic realists. Being Goth isn't about how one dresses. Most of what you may find written about Goth is that it was something which was born from the Punk movement in the late 70's and that many Goths wear black. I disagree. Goth is not something that was made from the 70's since it always was.

Goths do not always wear black and do not all listen to the same bands. They don't worship Satan and are not members of a cult. Goths are available around the planet and come from many diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. The Goth culture is extremely big in Japan and Germany.

Like each group, what one likes and does varies from individual to individual. Having said this, Goths all have something in common...that they find beauty in what others believe dark. By way of instance, I have always found dead trees amazing and rather than having crushes on the great guys in movies that I tended towards the dark personalities that seemed strong, had deep booming voices and dark music always appeared to be playing when they were shown on screen (Darth Vader, Ra at Stargate). I always loved the dark music that I only heard in film soundtracks as a kid. You see, Goth to me is not something that one becomes but something one is.

I used to enter this record shop and pick out CDs that I believed I'd like based on the cover art (typically darker vision). I never got what I was actually searching for...something dark/sombre and I definetly was not searching for Heavy Metal. I explained my dilemma and he knew just what I wanted. He looked at me like he thought "Ah, you are one of these." And stated that I should to go to their other shop. I did just that and found that a paradise that I never knew existed. I'd finally found everything I loved and understood what I was.

Goth isn't a phase. It is something which you either are or are not. I don't know people who say "Oh, I was Goth." Perhaps they used to play the role to fit in for some time - but it is not something you grow out of! One does not just change their preferences over night. I've never changed that I basically am.

I will try to clarify what Goth is and what Goth is not. I will describe music, fashion, movies and more that many Goth folks like throughout this site. I intend this site to be a source for Goths and non-Goths alike. I'm creating the site that I always wished there was, with descriptions, tons of images, videos and links.

Because there are many Goth bands, films and Goth is even a part of the world of high style and graces the runways...many people like Goth items and do not even realise that they're Goth. Please keep in mind while you're reading through this website that Goths are individual people and what every Goth likes varies.

Once in the long, long ago people used to actually make an effort and take pride in everything, their clothes, make-up, items...everything was beautifully crafted and done with pride and attention. They therefore continue to bygone eras where beauty and pride still existed.

They're influenced by fashion, music and mythology by the pre-Medieval eras into the Edwardian eras and also by different cultures around the world. Goth people are usually creative and of high wisdom...some may go so far as to say they were somewhat geeky as many Goths I know work within it. They are often much less interested in medication as many different sub-cultures. In actuality, I've been into a Goth concert where rather than handing out medication...as I've seen done at some parties, they handed out Pixy Stix (glucose sticks).

It's a re-invented future or a past that never occurred. In many ways society has obtained a nose-dive because the Victorian age and a few might even go so far as to say we've been living in a New Dark Ages ever since. Science has done a great deal for us over the last century, such as creating the net and allowing me to publish this website. However, the scientific view of people as soulless bio-machines has not always been of great advantage to the way we treat one another and it can cultivate a "who cares what I do mindset". Steampunks are attempting to pretend that although technology has improved, aesthetics and morality have remained unchanged.

Imagine a society with highly developed technologies that evolved slightly different to the society really did. It kept steam as well as the intricacies of everything in everyday life from machines to style. People of the society enjoy their technologies and enjoy everything that they make. Imagine a world without plastic and with people who really enjoy creating and learning! Too bad society did not turn out this way, but maybe Steampunks can turn it all around. Steampunks and Goths are thought of as weird geeks by most people of today who just so happen to like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Emo is contemporary punk with a dark style sense. It's pop-punk and has nothing to do with Goth besides using a dark style sense.

That's a fantastic question. Everyone claims that Goth developed from Punk from the 70s. Why would that be? Imagine someone who's in a Jazz group who leaves that ring and joins a Nation band.... Can you then call the nation band Jazz? Of course you would not. That having been said, some of the new bands were branded Favorable Punks (Posi-Punk).

Punk had a rebellious anti-conformist attitude towards society and for that reason the term Punk become synonymous with rebellion. Goths and Steampunks don't so much rebel against society but kind of ignore it and have formed their own society.

Where the modern day use of the term Goth came from is something which no one appears to know for certain. If you would like to read a comprehensive evaluation of where the expression came from view the Scathe Demon link below. My guess is that the lyrical content of those new bands was like the topics of the Gothic novels of the 18th and 19th centuries as the group members were motivated by the dark tales of Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. One of those new bands is thought to be Black Sabbath. Their 1969 debut album produced a dark sound different from other bands in the time and has been called the first ever "Goth-rock" album (Baddeley 2002: 264).

With the birth of the new music came the arrival of a new style that was borrowed in the punk look and awarded a darker border. But Goth fashion has not just borrowed in the Punks. There are lots of distinct styles influenced by styles of earlier eras...but you can read more about that on the style page. However, this was just the arrival of contemporary Goth music and fashion rather than what Goth is. After all Goth is only beauty that's found in the darker things in life. Dark music has existed since music started and so have people who've discovered beauty in darkness. The songs of Hildegard of Bingen (born 1098) are very similar sounding to a modern Goth songs by the group This Ascension as well as Qntal. In Terms of ancient Goth people, how about Edgar Allan Poe and possibly even the virgin Queen Elizabeth I? Lorenna McKennitt sings a wonderful version of the song.

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