Why Nipple Piercings Have Become So Popular Lately

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Forget about septum piercings -- sorry FKA twigs -- the nipple is the portion of your anatomy in case you want to keep up with celeb town you want to get right now.

A little more risqué than a bog standard ear piercing or even a belly button piercing (also 90s) the nipple piercing -- worn with a strappy absolute dress - is the newest way to prove your cool woman credentials. It has been adopted by a gaggle of starlets including new kid on the block Bella Hadid, the younger sister version Gigi. The 18-year-old model showcased her new metal Saturday while wearing a dress that was revealing.

Hadid follows in the footsteps of her fellow girl squad celebrity Kendall Jenner, who debuted her own nipple piercing this summer in a white halter dress in a Harper's Bazaar pary. The catwalk star told Page Six:

I had been going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like "Let's just do it." 'I was so terrified, I am laying on the bed like "Why am I doing this?" It hurt, but wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem.'

But did she follow suit -- or nipple -- out of her more rebellious and younger sister Kylie? A couple of months shy of her 18th birthday, the young reality TV celebrity prompted to rumours that she had followed suit -- or nipple -- by posting a photograph on Snapchat with red circles drawn around her chest area and giving it the caption: 'New jewelry at other key areas.'


Celebrity fans of the nipple piercing include, of course, the bad girl of pop Rihanna, that has been sporting hers since 2015 and Christina Milian, who recorded the debilitating looking procedure on her reality show in January this year.

Nipple piercings are used to create a style statement since the 14 century, but it remains to be seen whether the 21st century will be remembered for them.

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